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This is my Simple Red Bike, a Wonder bike from Yamaha, Model? "Original Crypton R", I like this bike so much hehehe!. This bike is only 105cc but the speed & strength is satisfying. What I like more about this bike is, its gas consumption, I may say this bike drink less but runs more than any motorbikes that I knew! I'm sure my friend bikers knew it also. Lastly this bike runs faster & better and asked for more after running a hundred kilometers. 

My bike do not looks like the original? You're kinda right! because I loaded this up! See its modifications under the specs.


Whew! although kinda risky & expensive I still love motorbiking it makes me feel ease & free everytime I hop in my motorbike feeling the cold wind (depends on the season haha!) while running on the highways. Motorbiking really is my first interest followed by Nature Tripping and a home entertainment showcase hehehe!, anyways I owned this motorbike since April 2002 as a gift for myself before celebrating my birthday.

For those of you who also love motorbiking always remember...
Everytime you're riding your bike... "safety must be your best policy".

To widen my experience with regards to motorbiking, I decided to join this group, at first I joined in Cavite Professional Riders Club "CPRC", but due to some personal reason I became inactive.

My primary  purpose in joining in this kind of institution is to improve my social relations, know more of what, why & how of motorbikes, reached different places, gain new friends and at the same time be able to help other people in many good ways and more.

I don't have any regrets in joining this kind of group for I get in return what I am expecting to achieve.

If you want to join and or know more about our group... join us! click "here"


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"Ride with sense, Ride with essence"

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